More Fence Cutting

I will need to get more barbed wire if this keeps happening!

This could result in the cattle going walkies along Wilden Lane, because this is the last line of defence.

File 19-04-2016 7 46 55 pm1

Looks like this section might have been cut to give access to a vehicle.

File 19-04-2016 7 48 26 pm1

Hole cut in this fence for a large dog by the look of it.

9 Comments on “More Fence Cutting

  1. People just seem to want short cuts these days. Although I’m guessing there’s no good reason to be taking a vehicle onto there.

    • This is a coral fence. The coral has two gates, so whoever cut the fence probably didn’t have a key. The two gates were locked yesterday, but this is not always the case. One gate opens into the Northern Corridor and the other on to the North Pasture. The gates are sometimes left open the allow the cattle to wander freely between the norther pastures.

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