An increase in grazing

With the growing season now underway, and the Himalayan balsam shooting up, the cattle on the marsh have been increase from ten to nineteen; an uneven number. I am not very keen on uneven numbers, but any increase in cattle on the marsh at the moment is good. I suspect that the new cattle are a short term addition, to allow those that have overwintered on the marsh to concentrate on the northern pastures. There are ten cattle on the south marsh, working in the orchid field, and nine in the north pasture. I’ve not been told what the grazing plan is, but I can guess.

IMG_6862 (2)

Belted Galloway

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    • They do a good job, Tom, but they are not keen on giving way. The Shetlands give way when I walk through them, but I walk around the Galloways.

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