Wilden Marsh Guided Walks

Yellow archangel is flowering in Hoo Wood today.

Yesterday started off as a bland, lacklustre day: overcast, drab and raining. The forecast didn’t offer any hope of improving weather as the day progressed. Hoo Wood was not its usual upbeat self; the morning chorus was half-hearted and subdued. I rely on Hoo Wood to get me ready for the day ahead, to lighten my mood, and get my muscles warmed up and blood coursing through my veins. I was left feeling that maybe I should have stayed in bed. It wasn’t looking like it was going to be a “full of beans day” for me!

We have two Wilden Marsh guided walk days coming up: Sunday 24th April and Tuesday 10th May. I was one of seven others delivering leaflets to 600 houses close to the marsh this morning, inviting local people to come along and see for themselves what we are doing down there.

I set out at 09.50am, taking 50 leaflets to fellow Wilden Marsher, Bill Foxall, an 80 year old firebrand and general “good egg”. I had 60 houses to deliver to. What with talking to various people along my route, it was two hours before my last leaflet was letterboxed. Bill talks to everyone in-depth, so he is probably still delivering his leaflets.

I received a report when I arrived home this evening that Hoo Brook stock fence had been cut, so off I went to repair it. I have short loops of barbed wire hung on fences around the marsh so that I am able to make running repairs when a desperate oik, with a pair of wire cutters in his pocket, decides to take a shortcut through the marsh. Anyway, whilst absorbed in fence repair, and trying to avoid becoming entangled in the horrible wire, four deer walked past in the pouring rain. They appeared to sense that I couldn’t leave what I was doing, because they all stared at me as they passed by, and they weren’t at all in a hurry to get to where ever they were going.

Back at home, on my way to bed, I looked through the kitchen window at the huge rain drops bouncing off the cars, and saw a fox skipping along the path to Hoo Wood with its brush raised. The fox was probably on its way from the marsh; it didn’t have a burger in his mouth, so it hadn’t been to the MacDonald’s at the top of Wilden Lane. I wonder if Wilden Marsh is the only nature reserve in Worcestershire with quick access to a fast food, enjoyed by people and animals alike.


Yellow Archangel

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  1. A very nice picture of a tricky flower to capture well. I hope that your guided walks attract a good turnout.

  2. You really are in tune with your little patch! I hope the guided walks go well and that at least your leaflets will raise awareness of what a precious place people have on their doorsteps 🙂

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