A Windy Day (2 images)

The weather was bleak on the marsh today: very windy, overcast and drizzling. The heron in the first image was holding tightly onto a long springy tree trunk that was being blown in all directions – it was comical to watch. I counted twelve nests amongst the swaying trees, with their heron occupants hunkered down protecting their chicks.

The dead heron was where I had left it yesterday: straddling the north marsh fox’s riverside track. The fox had circled the carcass, probably sniffing it, and must have decided it was not for him.

IMG_6564 3

IMG_6575 3 3


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2 Responses to A Windy Day (2 images)

  1. Emily Scott says:

    The fox can obviously afford to be fussy! Perhaps heron is not very tasty. Too fishy?

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