First Hoo Wood Bluebell

This is the first Hoo Wood bluebell of 2016. Every year the first bluebell appears in exactly the same place, high on the southern bank of Fox Hollow. I used my phone camera for this one, because my DSLR memory card was left in the card reader slot of this computer.

IMG_4154 2

File 20-03-2016 7 05 30 pm

7 Comments on “First Hoo Wood Bluebell

  1. Is it always so early? Green leaves only just showing here.

  2. Fortunately my DSLR has two card slots so it can cater for my little forgetful moments. Good to see a bluebell.

    • My 500D is held together with duct tape, Superglue, and string, and it’s from that era when forgetfulness wasn’t catered for.

      • I like the sound of that. I have often needed the second card so I am pleased to be a latecomer to photography.

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