The South Marsh Fox is Dead! (4 images)

I pulled into the layby at the south marsh entrance this evening, opened my car boot and removed my bag and jacket. My nose twitched at the unmistakable niff of rotting carcass. A dead fox lay stretched out on the ground not more than a couple of metres away.

The south marsh fox has copped it, I thought. I didn’t fancy getting close enough to examine or poke at it. Eau de Long Dead Fox is not one of Mrs G’s favourites, and she has been known to put me out in the garden with Spike when I arrive home in a rancid state.

I made my way to South Pool to see how the water level is progressing; it has dropped significantly. The cattle waited for me at the gate next to the sluice. I like to stand by the gate for a while at dusk to watch the wildlife. The cattle crowded around me as I scanned the pool and surrounding area through binoculars. A fox ran along the riverbank 125 metres away at the north end of the pool. Canada geese are smooching about in large gaggles now.

So, the south marsh fox lives! The dead fox is probably from Wilden Hill and he was most likely clipped by a vehicle whilst crossing Wilden Lane.


IMG_4117 2

The Dead Fox



File 15-03-2016 7 13 34 pm 2

View North of South Pool


File 15-03-2016 7 11 18 pm 2

The Marsh Cattle


File 15-03-2016 7 12 06 pm 2

Mingling with the Horns

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  1. You are braver than me. I always like a fence between me and cows. Have been around horses all my adult life, but cows scare me silly!

    • Animals can never be relied upon to behave exactly as expected, so it is alway a good idea to be prudent around them. Being prepared to put your head in a lions mouth is not a good idea, even if after doing it nine times it remains attached to your neck. 😉

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