Oak Apple Galls (2 images)

I came across this oak sapling today. It was completely covered in galls.

The Oak Apple Gall is caused by a tiny gall wasp, Biorhiza pallida. It can be found between May and June on oak twigs where the female has laid her eggs in the leaf bud. Inside the gall there are a number of chambers, each housing a larva which eats its way out. Adults emerge in June and July.

IMG_4108 2

IMG_6491 2


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2 Responses to Oak Apple Galls (2 images)

  1. BeeHappee says:

    Does it hurt or damage the tree?


    • Yes. The oak sapling in my image has had most of its buds hijacked by sawflies. Since leaves are the chemical factories producing food, the plant starves to death.

      Mature oak trees are not often so heavily attacked by gall wasps,but fewer leaves lead to a harder life for the trees.

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