Sett Raiders

Well, I’ve had two camera traps set up around and pointing into the Badgers’ northern setts for 5 consecutive nights, and all I have established  is that there are a lot of rats running riot there, streaming in and out of the setts.

A defleshed badger skull lies upside down in one of the sett entrances; there are 6 setts grouped together at this location. Maybe the rats have been feeding on a  badger that died in the sett, and maybe they dragged its skull and a few bones to the surface.

One thing I am certain of is that there aren’t any badgers in residence at the moment, and it’s unlikely that the vixen is denning in any of these setts; maybe she hasn’t denned yet. However, there are many badgers roaming in the marsh and they are most likely using the setts along Stour Hill.

The video shows some of the activity at the northern setts. Immediately to the left and right of the hawthorn tree in the centre of the video are sett entrances. The rats are running between the two setts. I realise that watching rats is a little like watching paint dry, but I think it adds a small amount of excitement to an otherwise boring post. I haven’t posted clips of rats streaming in and out of the setts, or more accurately between the setts, because all that can be seen are fast moving streaks and flashes.

Badger Skull in the Sett Entrance

Badger Skull in the Sett Entrance

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6 Responses to Sett Raiders

  1. tootlepedal says:

    That is certainly a lot of ratty activity.

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    • Rats are mainly nocturnal. I don’t think it’s generally realised just how near to us rats are in our daily lives. A camera trap and a piece of bacon will soon reveal that rats are close to nibbling our toes. Rats are found, as are humans, where there is food.

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      • tootlepedal says:

        I am sure that we have them but perhaps not as many as you.


      • According to The Scotsman:

        It is one of the great urban myths that you’re never more than a few feet away from a rat, which if true would result in our stumbling across rats all the time.

        But while their abundance may be an exaggeration, the rat is one of our most successful animals, being highly adaptable and equally at home in country or town.

        The above doesn’t apply when we are asleep….


  2. ramblingratz says:

    They are very cute in my humble and biased opinion. You could try leaving some slices of pizza out for them. People like to watch videos of rats hauling huge slices of pizza off, and the rats would be very grateful also.

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