Too Many Rats on the Marsh

The north marsh is in need of a hungry fox family.

When my camera traps are collecting too many videos of a particular animal, this alerts me to a possible out of balance situation, and I am watching too many rat video clips at the moment: 59 minutes last night and more on previous nights.

This rat family home is a hole into the side of a badger’s sett entrance. Something has been into the sett and cleared out an old badger skull and a few other bones. I’m trying, so far without success, to find the north marsh vixen’s birthing den; I know she is pregnant.

26 Comments on “Too Many Rats on the Marsh

    • That might be because not many people know what foxes are really good at, Tom, and what part they play in the scheme of things. On the marsh, the foxes are important in rat, pigeon and mole control.

    • An increase in the rat population can indicate a decrease in predators that like a rat dinner, or an increase in rat food on the marsh.

      • A few of the video clips showed half a dozen rats whizzing about in front of the camera. I posted a clip showing a single rat because I thought it would be less distressing to watch for some people.

      • As you know, Ratty, if you have plenty of food, and predators are thin on the ground, you’re going to have a good time. This is just the place for the vixens den: plenty of food close by.

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