Does the North Marsh Vixen Look Pregnant?

After following the north marsh vixen for more than a week, in an attempt to discover her den, I have a feeling that she is sleeping with the badgers. I don’t have proof yet, but I hope to have it soon.

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    • Yes. Maybe I’ll get images of fox cubs this year, Sarah. The marsh rat population is far too high at the moment, and a new fox family will likely thin them out.

      • That would be great if you can get cubs on film 🙂 I’m hoping that the vixen up at our nearby allotments has cubs this year as she is starting to really trust a lot of the people at the allotments so I may get the chance to capture pictures 🙂

    • Yes, foxes will use badger setts to rear their cubs; obviously, not the chambers inhabited by badgers. We don’t take kindly to strangers coming to live with us, and badgers are similar in this respect. However, badgers’ setts can be quite extensive, with many chambers, entrances and exits; some of which might not be in use; it’s an uninhabited chamber that the vixen will utilise. Badgers don’t seem to mind the occasional fox moving in with them, and there is probably mutual benefits in this form of cohabitation. I have photographed a badger entering a sett and a fox entering a few minutes later. I have also witness a badger chasing a fox out of a sett.
      The badger probably takes advantage of free food left at the sett by the foxes – a form or rent I expect.
      Sometimes things go a little further and we end up with fodgers on the marsh, which is something I don’t want to encourage.

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