Attractions of cannibalistic odours

I arrived at Hoo Brook Pasture late this afternoon; the cattle were nowhere to be seen. They weren’t in the North Pasture or swamp, so I figured they were in Hoo Brook Pasture. Last year I noticed they favoured the far north-east corner of the pasture, and this is where I found them today.

The strange thing about the north-east corner of Hoo Brook Pasture is that it is very close to Wilden Lane, and even closer to a MacDonald’s fast food outlet on the bank above the brook. Potent beef burger cooking odours wafted down the bank to settle on the cattle’s favourite relaxation spot. Why do the cattle like the smell of beef cooking?

I did a body count and stopped at eight; yesterday I counted nine. My first thought was cattle rustlers. My second thought was that I must have made a mistake! Sure enough, after a frantic search, I found a small calf dozing behind a brash pile.

IMG_6259 (2)

Hoo Brook




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