The Hoo Wood Fox

This is the Hoo Wood fox. His territory is Hoo Wood, Wilden Hill, and the areas around the rocket factory. I think he has held the territory for around three years; he’s very agile and quick on his feet. This fox runs rings around Spike. When Spike chased him one day, the fox turned and performed a slick twisting somersault over the dog, leaving him wondering where the fox had gone.

It has not been easy getting a decent image of this fox; I managed this one by hiding in a hedge.



10 Comments on “The Hoo Wood Fox

    • Red is a very capable, experienced, and strong fox. Hoo Wood fox is very different; he is fast, cautious and alert – a thinker! I don’t consider Red to be very alert, but he is very tenacious and uses well tried hunting methods. He patrols his runs out of habit. I can predict where Red is likely to be at a particular time. The Hoo Wood fox is all over the place, which makes his movements very difficult to predict.

      I suspect Hoo Wood fox of being Red’s son.

    • I’ve spent many hours hiding up trees and in hedges, waiting for foxes to walk by. In this case, though, the Hoo Wood fox and a sunbeam appeared together half an hour into my vigil.

      Thanks very much for your comment, Carrie.

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