Caught under a bush

Red seems switched on at the moment. I’m hopeful that there will be a den on the north marsh this year; if not, then maybe somewhere along Hoo Wood hill.

Red has caught me hiding under a bush with my camera and a net over my head. A  breeze is blowing from him to me, so I don’t believe he can smell me. I walked carefully around the pasture perimeter to avoid leaving my fresh scent all over the place. The red dog knows the marsh so well!  Maybe I made a noise. I get my own back by capturing his image. He walks slowly away, so perhaps his sixth sense has alerted him and he hasn’t seen me at all.


7 Comments on “Caught under a bush

  1. It must be incredibly rewarding to see those beautiful foxes roaming there so close. Thank you for sharing these photos.

    • Yes it is. This is one of the benefits of a closed reserve. Also, most of the animals are either used to seeing me, or familiar with my scent.

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