Winter Heronry (5 Images)

I didn’t get out of bed until gone 10 o’clock this morning, which is very unusual for me. I was listening to a couple of documentaries on Radio4 Xtra, one of them about a recovering alcoholic who went home to one of the northern Isles to escape temptation, using nature therapy to help beat the addiction. Half of me was saying get out of bed lazy bones, and the other wanted to lie there in warmth and comfort listening to the documentaries. I’m not an alcoholic, and to prove the point I have given up alcohol for January, just to see how difficult it is – it’s not difficult at all! The documentary interested me. I find it strange that whilst I am obsessive, I am not addicted to anything.

So my schedule for today was very late getting underway.

Walking along Hoo Wood ridge path this morning with Spike, I could see the island heronry and herons perched in their trees 550 metres away. I have not been able to see the heronry from Hoo Wood before; the reason it was possible today is because many of the trees on the Island have just been coppiced.  I can see much more of the island and its ponds and pools now than ever before.

I counted 13 heron around the heronry this morning, which surprised me. With all the chain sawing, burning and general high level of noise and activity going on there, I expected them to set up camp else where. The marsh herons are extremely flighty and they spotted me on the marsh almost as soon as I saw them.

I ended today chopping up a fallen crack willow in Hoo Brook Pasture.

IMG_6192Heron 1IMG_6198Heron 3IMG_6219Heron 4IMG_6209Heron 5IMG_6195Heron 2


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  1. They do say that some ppl have addictive personalities and it must be difficult to fight against that. There is an increasing body of evidence that “green spaces” are important for wellbeing. Lovely to see the herons, I hope you haven’t made it too draughty for them 😉

  2. Great shots! My only addiction is nicotine I’m afraid, though I am doing well using a vaping e-cigarette. I’ve cut from between 20-30 a day down to around 5 😀 I never ever had a problem with alcohol, take or leave it. I quit it for three years after my Crohn’s was diagnosed and didn’t actually miss it at all! I was much more grumpy about the foods that I couldn’t eat 😉

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