Some trees have ears you know!

When out in the woods remember that some trees have ears, so be careful what you say. 

Don’t tell the trees your secrets. 


8 Comments on “Some trees have ears you know!

  1. Those are very interesting looking. Dead wood is not allowed in Southern California.

      • It dies, it’s just not allowed to decompose in place. Dead trees are unsightly. Makes me mad when I think of all the lovely homes for wildlife that get taken out the minute the leaves turn brown.

      • Deadwood is essential in the UK. We make sure that there is plenty of standing, fallen wood, and log piles on the marsh.

        So deadwood is not allowed in Southern California for purely cosmetic reasons.

        Thanks for that information, it is very interesting.

  2. What a marvellous shot, Mike. Just the right light and angle to show up those velvety caps. I’ve never seen anything like them before.

    Makes me think I didn’t take much notice when I walked in the woods in Sussex all those years ago, but then maybe I was watching where I walked (being so short-sighted) than looking at the details around the trees.

    • Thanks Vicki. As well as looking, you would need to find elder trees in the Sussex wood at the right time if year in order to spot jelly ears.

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