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Monthly Archives: December 2015

The huge crane I mentioned last night, dominating the skyline just beyond the northern boundary of the marsh, is the largest mobile crane in Europe. Midland Today ran a news item this evening, showing it lifting bridge structures into position at Hoobrook.

Cherry blossom is blooming again in Hoo Wood and daffodil bulbs have pushed their shoots are a couple of inches above ground at Marsh Farm. Temperatures are set to rise though out this week and, who knows, we might yet be barbecuing on Christmas Day; weather-wise,  I think anything might be possible this year. The outlook for today is good – Sunny!  

I found myself missing summer as I walked by North Pond today. The weather was wet and dull, but the temperature was 13 degrees C. The above image is of the southern end of the North Pond Chain in summer. A huge crane derrick dominated the northern marsh skyline. A new bypass is being constructed and the crane is there to assist in the building of a new bridge across the canal and river, a little… Read More

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