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Monthly Archives: December 2015

It’s not been a bad day: sunny and the temperature has been around 12 degrees centigrade.    

It’s a matter of days before a new year of marsh improvement and maintenance is upon us.  The last workday of this year was held in the dry field immediately north of Hilary Road. This was the first day ever that I’ve worked on the marsh in a tee shirt. There wasn’t a breath of wind, and I was bathed in sweat for most of the time. OK, I was wielding an axe… Read More

After a Christmas Day lounging about at home, eating and drinking too much, and socialising, I spent time coppicing willows along the river bank again today. The rain held off, but the water level rose all the time I was there. The flow from the marsh into the river increased steadily, too. It was a good workout that blew the cobwebs away. Surprisingly, the cattle didn’t react to the sound of my axe;… Read More

I set up a camera trap yesterday, along side a run to the river used regularly by a badger, fox and deer; half an hour later, the cattle found it. They might not appear very bright, but they definitely have a spooky ability to detect a camera. Throughout the night 45 one minute videos had been recorded, most of which were of the cattle giving my camera a good old licking. The camera trap is silent, uses an invisible black-LED flash unit,… Read More

It’s Wilden Marsh Stick Man. You’ll have to wait for your Lady Love, mate, I haven’t had time to make her yet.

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