Life Goes On.

After a Christmas Day lounging about at home, eating and drinking too much, and socialising, I spent time coppicing willows along the river bank again today. The rain held off, but the water level rose all the time I was there. The flow from the marsh into the river increased steadily, too. It was a good workout that blew the cobwebs away.

Surprisingly, the cattle didn’t react to the sound of my axe; they weren’t more than a hundred yards away. I could see them and they looked over to me now and again, but they show any interested in dining on willow today.

It’s a Marsher’s workday tomorrow, with fallen trees to be removed and make safe mid marsh.

Here are a few photographs I took with phone camera today.

File 26-12-2015 5 15 42 pm (2)

Looking Downstream of the River Stour.

File 26-12-2015 5 16 40 pm

A Large, Tall, and Sprawling Willow Tamed.

File 26-12-2015 5 18 48 pm

River Stour to the left of the image.


17 Comments on “Life Goes On.

      • If you do the running every day, your metabolism works so well that you can eat like a horse and stay slim.

      • If you run every day, your body adjusts to the exertion, uses less energy per mile as the body gets fitter, so you find yourself having to run further and further to burn the same amount of calories. Obviously, if you run all day, you don’t have time to eat properly, so you lose weight.

        Like the miner shovelling coal. He ends up as thin as a rake because he doesn’t increase his calorie intake, because he is too busy shovelling coal.

        Also, if you cycle long enough to use 6500 calories, and your intake is only 4500 calories you will lose weight.

        There are a lot of calories in a horse. Take a guess at how many calories a horse contains.

      • My mind boggles regarding the horse.

        I am not sure if you are right about the running. In my running days, I never had any problem with keeping my weight down.

      • Well, losing weight is all about expending more calories than you take in.

        I think a horse equates to 750 calories per pound, if you are planing to eat one.

        On the whole, people tend to move around less as they get older, and the metabolism slows down.

        The answer is eat less and work harder. Follow this line, and losing weight will be easier. 😉

    • Indeed! When we eat too many Mars bars, or their equivalent calories, and don’t exercise sufficiently, our waistlines can expand dramatically. I guess this is what you are thinking about. 😉

      • Yes…. it’s easier to lose weight by reducing calories in the first place than trying to exercise them off after!

      • Of course you are right, reducing calorie intake is the best was to control one’s weight. I don’t find abstinence too easy: too many temptations, especially at this time of year.

      • Too true … Christmas seems to spread for weeks now instead of a couple of days!

    • Thanks Ratty. There is indeed alway work to be done throughout the year on the marsh, just not enough labour to attend to the bear essentials. We do what we can, though.

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