The Bridge.


Europe’s Largest Mobile Crane.


The New Bypass Bridge Under Construction.

The subject of one of last week’s posts: Europe’s largest mobile crane being used to lift a new bridge structure into position across the River Stour and the Worcester and Staffordshire Canal. I photographed the crane from Hoo Wood last week, and the new bridge from the River Pasture today.

Progress dictates the need for a bypass to divert some of Kidderminster’s increasing traffic through the new combined residential and industrial estate currently being built at the old British Sugar factory site, on the west bank of the canal, just beyond the boundary of the north marsh.

Fortunately, this new development is not yet impacting on Wilden Marsh, and I am hoping it is far enough away not to present significant problems in the future.

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    • Well, the new road runs through the middle of Hoobrook Industrial Estate. It will be easier for pedestrians to use the new bridge than battle their way through the marsh.

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