Alder Stacks.

File 03-12-2015 9 32 29 am

A couple of alder log stacks.  They were an extended line of 40 feet high trees growing in the Northern Corridor, along the other side of the fence, and interfering with the flight path to North Pond. We cut them down with bow saws.  I will use a few for fence posts, and the rest I plan to whittle into spoons.

It is so quiet on the marsh at the moment, I’ve resorted to photographing piles wood. Never mind, the fox breeding season is here.

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    • Those piles of wood are evidence of hard work, Tom. Wilden Marshers have transferred a lot of their energies into those and other wood piles like them – all cut with bow saws lubricated with elbow grease; our overheating bodies cooled with copious amounts of rain.
      Yes, those wood piles, and others like them, are energy batteries to be drawn upon when I am feeling low. If you are wondering how I retrieve energy from those wood piles – well … I sit on them, that’s how!

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