Scaredy Cat Hornets.

Passing the hornets’ nest this evening, I shone my torch in both entrances; there wasn’t movement in either. I suspected, though, that there might be a few hornets still holed-up somewhere in the nest. I wondered if this might be good opportunity to shoot some decent close-up images. I reasoned the hornets would be groggy, I don’t know why I should think this, and that they might hang about at the entrance after my pretending to be a woodpecker by tapping the tree trunk with my fingernails; again, I don’t know why I should feel this. I would need to get my camera lens within a few inches of a hornet if I was to get the images I wanted.

I have a spotlight fitted to my camera and whilst practicing a few slow swoops at the nest exit with the light on, Spike, my jet black Welsh Cocker Spaniel, stood on his hind legs and started scrabbling like a mad thing against the tree trunk with his front paws. This upset my concentration and left me unsure of the best thing to do next, or indeed what might happen next. Events overtook me within seconds. The hornets began their escape. One after the other they zipped out of the nest entrance, banked away from me, and flew off into the darkness. Five hornets left the nest, and I managed to snap one, but not as closely as I had hoped. Now there were five hornets on the loose, and I had no Idea where they were. Spike was still scrabbling away like a mad thing, so I reckoned the best thing to do would be to leave him to it – he was obviously enjoying himself.

IMG_3553Hornet 2

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    • Thanks Tom. I too like to think it was good thinking rather than stupidity. In other circumstances the outcome might be different, though.

    • I guess in my case, Emily, it’s a case of “Stupid is as stupid does.”

      The hornet taps on the bees’ nest to entice them out to their death, and the woodpecker does the same to bees and hornets. I tapped for a photo, thinking I could guess the likely outcome – this time it worked. 🙂

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