Badger Hogging OtterCam.

This badger visited OtterCam 15 times during last night and this morning. Mind you, OtterCam might have been visited by 15 different badgers overnight; they all look the same to me.

2 Comments on “Badger Hogging OtterCam.

    • Most of the time I can’t tell them apart, Dave. There is One-eye, Gonzalez and Cullum. Cullum I named as a nod to our Government who wants to cull badgers, and he is always lying down, so I can recognise him; Gonzalez because he is speedy, and One-eye has one-eye. I call all the badgers “he” because I am not able to tell their sex from infra-red images. I wouldn’t be able to tell male from female if I bumped into them in daylight. I could tell by feeling between the badger’s back legs, but I am not stupid enough to try, so I will continue to call all badgers “he”.

      If a brock has a distinguishing feature, a limp or tick, I will name that badger.

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