A bug I am not able to photograph.


Last Friday a nasty stomach bug came to visit; it hasn’t been a happy time: continuous stomach ache and continual stabbing pains. This is my attempt at gleaning as much sympathy from my followers as possible; how am I doing so far? Anyway, I have now beaten the bug and I am enjoying a pain free existence once again.

I was well enough by Wednesday evening to wander over to the marsh and setup OtterCam, and I watched dawn rise from the marsh this morning.

Below is the footage OtterCam recorded last night, and he is a big boy.

12 Comments on “A bug I am not able to photograph.

    • Thanks Tom. I appreciate both sentiments. They are equally helpful in their own ways.

      I will wait till you start complaining of pain and I will be one of the first to sympathise. I know you need a lot of reassurance. 😉

      • You never need to wait for me to start to complain of pain. I am always at it. I am glad that you have recovered.

  1. A nasty tummy bug can really drain you so I’m sure you could milk the sympathy here for a few more days while you take it easy so as not to cause a relapse. 😀

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