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Monthly Archives: August 2015

This image was captured in the flooded withy wood. The camera trap was setup on a well used track and its infrared flash covered in a double thickness of women’s tights. The proximity sensor was part covered on two sides with tape to narrow its field of sensitivity. I don’t know what happened next, but I doubt it was good news for the rabbit.

I have just returned from my annual week’s holiday on the edge of the Slash Pond Reserve in Broad Haven.

This image was camera trapped outside the living otter holt; again, using my wife’s tights to control the flash intensity. As you will probably have gathered, I am sorting camera trap images. I have received emails asking for more camera trap images. I will setup a gallery shortly, to satisfy those that crave them.  

This is a camera trapped image of a polecat taken in the Hoo Brook Wood. I have improved contrast courtesy of pair of tights, provided by my wife, stretched over the infrared camera flash to reduce its intensity. Having kept and used polecats as a lad, I have a soft spot for them, and I could tell many stories involving polecats and rats. This one is a real beauty.

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