Creeping up on a heron the easy way on a windy day.

Sunrise: 04.52 Sunset: 09.34 

It was no great surprise to spot this heron through the trees at the south end of the North Pond Chain, preening itself with the wind blowing its feathers in all directions. After all, I know many of the animal hot-spots on the marsh.

I managed to creep slowly around the tree I was hiding behind to get a clean shot, only for the heron to take to the air at the first click of the shutter.

I tried to get a decent in-flight shot of the heron, but I messed up.


8 Comments on “Creeping up on a heron the easy way on a windy day.

  1. Beautiful shot. You got it right the first time. Why’s shutter sound so loud, I’ve been wondering that too many times 🙂


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