In search of rare breed balsam eaters.

Sunrise: 04.50 Sunset: 09.35

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Being short of time yesterday, I wasn’t able to search out the cattle, so I went down to Hoo Brook Pasture today to find them. As yesterday, there wasn’t a sign of them when I arrived and the amount of balsam eaten had not increased either.

I found and walked down a cut in the dense wall of nine feet high balsam that zig-zagged its way towards Widen Lane. It wasn’t long before I came across a cow dozing in the shade. Five cows dozed whilst five worked. The five dozing cows got to their feet when they saw me and resumed balsam eating. They have made themselves a cosy hide-away at the top end of the pasture: maybe too cosy.

Number 183 is extremely friendly and keeps badgering me to rub its nose. A black and white cow likes to nudge me when I am taking photographs; the rest of the cattle are totally disinterested in me.

Although it was 30 degrees Centigrade in the shade and the sun was shining brightly in a powder blue sky, it was so dark amongst the balsam that I had to use flash when taking most of the photographs below.

IMG_3791  IMG_3792-0
IMG_3795IMG_3796 imageimageimage 

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