All things that rise from the ground are destined to return.

Sunrise: 04.49  Sunset: 09.27

I stopped along the western bank of North Pond to inspect the Living Otter Holt entrance through my binoculars. Something had changed here, but I couldn’t see what.

I continued south until I reached the end of the pond chain, before turning north along the eastern bank. I was within a few metres of the holt before I realised what had changed: the grand old northern lightning tree had fallen.

The Living Otter Holt, which was built against the lightning tree, has survived the calamitous event without sustaining damage.

I had hoped that this old oak would outlast me; I didn’t think it would, but there was no harm in hoping.

The once great oak that has stood on this spot for hundreds of years is now on its final journey; it is returning to the soil from whence it came.


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  1. I have had the same experience, an oak that I thought would out last me, falling in a storm. The eight children of that fallen oak grow now in their second year of life in large pots in my garden.

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