Swamp Cattle. 

Sunrise: 05.03 Sunset: 09.09

The cattle are grazing sweet new grass when they should be eating Himalayan balsam. Balsam doesn’t grow in the swamp, but it does rise with a vengeance along the banks of the river and Hoo brook; Hoo Brook pasture is completely carpeted with it. There are eight cattle in the image; two others are lurking somewhere out of sight to the left.

The disused pipebridge can be seen spanning the river Stour and the canal. A narrowboat is moored to the right of the bridge; its occupants are sunning themselves on deckchairs. It was very hot on the marsh today. Fortunately, the flies are not yet biting me. 

Falling Sands Lock is 100 metres to the left of the pipebridge. 


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