Dressing Coppice Stools.

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38

I spent this afternoon dressing coppice stools.

The area I worked was a tangled mess of overgrown coppice at the start of this year, when we began cutting. I wanted the willows cut and stacked, the brash burnt as soon as possible, and I would return to dress the stools later. Today was the day, but I have to say that I had not planned the work. 

At the beginning of the year, the willow trunks that spread from the stools in every direction, were cut  2 and 5 feet above the ground. Today I trimmed these, with my little bow saw, as close as I could to the ground. There is still a little dressing to do, but I need a larger bow saw to do it.

If I had arrived on the marsh properly prepared, I would have had all the necessary tools I with me. The truth is that I had only my small saw and a long-handled lopper in my rucksack; I expected to be doing different job, but changed my mind at the last-minute.

To do the coppice stool dressing job properly, I should have a larger bow saw, a silkie, and a small axe to wedge open saw cuts when the saw blade binds. It took me a little longer, but it was a good workout. Another hour or two should see the job finished.

I shot these images with my iPhone camera. I had left my dslr memory card in my computer; a cardinal sin for any amateur photographer. I guess you could say that everything about today was unprepared. Never mind! It works out right in the end.

The first image is of the largest stool. It’s crown shaded a ground diameter of roughly 18 metres.

The other two images show front and rear views of the site.



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  1. Great photos. I am always telling my Social Snapper’s group -no 1 rule – always have a camera on you – cell phone or one with the memory cards. Still it is nice to see the whole picture.

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