Otter Spraint!

Sunrise: 05. 34   Sunset: 08.38

At the bottom of this image, 3/4 in from the left, are a couple of pieces of animal droppings. It smelt sweet and tasted of fish, so it is definitely otter spraint; it’s too small for mink, and their droppings smell and taste pretty rancid. 

The spraint is right outside a hole Mike Averill and I dug under a big old oak tree, right on the bank of the North Pond Chain. We were hoping the cavity under the oak, with its front and back doors, would attract an otter; it looks like it has done just that. The oak tree is a short stones throw from the Living Otter Holt. 


13 thoughts on “Otter Spraint!

  1. What a very exciting development this must be for you and your buddy! I do the same thing in my woods, walking around tracking and figuring out how to attract various critters. Though I have never actually tasted… lol 😀


    • It is good news, Dom. I guess there is more otter activity around the ponds than I am aware of.

      It can take a long time to attract otters to an area. Make too much of an effort and they are sure to stay away.

      My camera traps are not snapping otters; I would be happier if the did.


  2. Love your enthusiasm, Mike! Like a few other commenters; I’m not quite ready to eat scat in my quest to identify wildlife, but I love that you are! Otters are wonderful little animals, and I wish you success in your efforts to capture them on “film.”


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