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Sunrise: 05. 50     Sunset: 08.24   

Sunrise: 05. 50     Sunset: 08.24   

Hoo Wood is shaped like a bent finger pointing roughly north to south along the steep eastern side of the Lower Stour Valley. Nestling between Hoo Farm Industrial Estate and a small residential estate, oak and birch, with a sprinkling of sycamore, larch, elder, rowan and apple trees grow here. Sunrises and sunsets are a joy to behold along a ridge path that runs the entire length of the wood. The wood… Read More

Our weather has been marvellous over the last few weeks; it has encouraged nature to get a move on. According to the weather forecasters, changes will occur tomorrow: clouds  and rain will predominate. It will be cooler, too. I guess life can’t be good all the time. The marsh and Hoo Wood are leafing-up nicely. Birds are nesting; vixens are tending their cubs; cattle are happily chewing new grass, and wild plant… Read More

Sunrise: 05. 59     Sunset: 08.17   

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