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Sunrise: 05. 44   Sunset: 08.29  

Sunrise: 05. 46     Sunset: 08.27 Helophilus pendulus is a European hoverfly. Its scientific name means “dangling marsh-lover” (from Greek helo-, “marsh”, -phil, “love”, Latin pend-, “hang”).

Sunrise: 05. 48     Sunset: 08.26

Sunrise: 05. 48     Sunset: 08.26 This is an image of willow logs I shot today. These logs were cut at the end of last year; it shows how determined this species is to survive. The willow logs are stacked on the ground, some are way above? they all sprout vigorous new shoots.  If willow branches or twigs are left on the marsh they will take root, and we end up… Read More

Sunrise: 05. 48     Sunset: 08.26 Wilden Marshers have been out all day coppicing willow at the shallow end of the North Pond Chain. Our day started overcast, but it turned into a really beautiful day at around 11 am. All the willow on the left hand side of the ponds is to be cropped; It will take a while, the water is low enough, and now is the time to… Read More

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