I will survive!

Sunrise: 05. 48     Sunset: 08.26


This is an image of willow logs I shot today. These logs were cut at the end of last year; it shows how determined this species is to survive.

The willow logs are stacked on the ground, some are way above? they all sprout vigorous new shoots. 

If willow branches or twigs are left on the marsh they will take root, and we end up with withy woods if nothing is done to prevent this. 

It is not just willow, alder and birch also spread like wildfire. To stop Wilden Marsh from turning into thick forest, we control the growth of the fast growing trees.

It might appear that coppicing and pollarding are destructive, but these are ancient foresting systems designed to generate continuous supplies of cattle fodder, and timber for structural applications, fencing, tool handles, furniture, and firewood. 

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    • It is, but some things have a stronger zest for life than others and these are the great survivors.

  1. We had a curly leafed willow tree which didn’t want to die. My esx-hubby cut it down and then used the logs as support for a structure and it just wouldn’t die. It took some time before the tree stopped sprouting new growth.

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