Coppicing Willow along the North Pond Chain.

Sunrise: 05. 48     Sunset: 08.26

Wilden Marshers have been out all day coppicing willow at the shallow end of the North Pond Chain. Our day started overcast, but it turned into a really beautiful day at around 11 am.

All the willow on the left hand side of the ponds is to be cropped; It will take a while, the water is low enough, and now is the time to do it.

You know its been good day when the willow has been cut exactly to plan, and the tremendous amounts of brash generated can’t be seen. This is the way today has turned out, with happy Marshers finishing on-time.

Coppicing Willow along the North Pond Chain. 

9 thoughts on “Coppicing Willow along the North Pond Chain. 

      • Oh it it native to the UK, Steve, it just grows at a phenomenal rate on the marsh. We are coppicing the willow, so we are prolonging its youth. It will grow again at the rate of 3 to 4 feet per year. We are not getting rid of the trees, we are reducing its growth volume to let sunlight to the pond. We are not destroying trees, we are managing them. The trees suck the water from the pond chain. We will coppice the willows on a 3 year rotation.

        You can be assured that we are not killing willows, Steve.


      • The areas I’m responsible for are managed by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. We are not in the business of killing fauna and flora. However, there are species that we have to irradiate, like Himalayan balsam, for instance. We do live in the real world, and we are not able to save certain non-native species.


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