Proof and Pudding. (3 images)

Sunrise: 06.25    Sunset: 07.56

Looking up from checking my emails, I saw a fox pop out from the den/warren I posted about the other night:

My camera with a long lens and another camera with a macro lens hung around my neck, as did as my 10 x 50 binoculars; my phone was in my left hand, and the fox stares intently in my direction. 

Standing over 100 metres away from the den/burrow, behind a gate, there was little enough time to get my phone in to my pocket, let alone a camera with its long lens to my eye quickly enough to get a few in-focus images before the fox spooked. 

Well,  I didn’t spook the fox, and the images are not very good, but there is a chance I will see fox cubs playing outside the den by the end of the month. 

 In the first image, the grey heap behind the fox, to the left of the track, is the spoil heap in front of the den entrance.


IMG_333209_04_2015 IMG_333609_04_2015 IMG_333709_04_2015      

11 Comments on “Proof and Pudding. (3 images)

    • It was a bit of a rush, Tom. It just goes to show that if you don’t concentrate on what you are doing, you are likely to miss the shot.

    • When specifically waiting, and you are not ready when it happens, it can be an adrenalin rush to get the job done, Jet.

    • I would normally be able to smell the presence of a fox, but I have had a cold for a few weeks and my sense of smell has disappeared. I’d say the chances are good, Roger.

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