The toads have arrived at North Pond. (2 images)

Sunrise: 06.39   Sunset: 07.46

The toads arrived at North Pond yesterday. I checked out the pond on Wednesday, but no toads. They were 22 days earlier last year. 


13 Comments on “The toads have arrived at North Pond. (2 images)

  1. Great pictures what kind of toads are these? We have a Koi and goldfish pond in our backyard and every spring the Houston Toads will lay their eggs in our pond. Sometimes it gets pretty noisy out there especially after a rain. I have not heard them yet, but it should be soon.

    • Thanks, Jet. I’m waiting for the toads to arrive every year. I begin to get excited on 9th April.

    • At night, when my head torch beam shines on the pond, hundreds of little toad eyes reflect the light back at me.

    • The poor female, under all that pressure. It’s a good job she can breathe through her skin.

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