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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58 I took my 150 – 500 mm lens with me to Dark Wood today, and managed to get an image of the nest I have watched the buzzards repairing. The nest is deep within the wood, and I am only able to see it from one point on the ridge path. I would not have found the nest if I hadn’t seen the buzzards dropping twigs… Read More

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58 I used my new North Pond blind for the first time today, just to get a feel for it.  The blind has decent all around views, but the best look west across the south end of the North Pond Chain, towards the heronry, and north and south along the ponds. There was a lot of activity at the heronry today: much squawking, shrieking, flying about and landing… Read More

Sunrise: 06.58   Sunset: 05.45  Worcestershire and Staffordshire Canal on the left, and the River Stour on the right. 

Sunrise: 06.58   Sunset: 05.45  About to bloom.  

Sunrise: 06.47   Sunset: 05.54  

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