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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Sunrise: 06.40   Sunset: 06.00 The first 2015 bloom on the bush.  

Sunrise: 06.40   Sunset: 06.00   I wrote in my 1st march post “Blind” that I would post images of the new blind I built on the east bank of the North Pond Chain. ( So, true to my word, here are a few iPhone camera images. Bear in mind that the marsh is in maximum die-back mode at the moment, but it is on the brink of bursting into life with the… Read More

Sunrise: 06.40   Sunset: 06.00 Face down in the water is not a good sign when one comes across a body. The magpie had not been floating long. Maybe it had it had a heart attack. Perhaps it was flying across the pond and collided with one of the many willows that grow from the water. Maybe it was only stunned. I couldn’t see it breathing. The marsh fox will soon remove… Read More

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58

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