A Blindingly Obvious Fashion Statement. (Eight images)

Sunrise: 06.40   Sunset: 06.00 

 I wrote in my 1st march post “Blind” that I would post images of the new blind I built on the east bank of the North Pond Chain. (https://atomic-temporary-19456464.wpcomstaging.com/2015/03/01/blind/)

So, true to my word, here are a few iPhone camera images.

Bear in mind that the marsh is in maximum die-back mode at the moment, but it is on the brink of bursting into life with the imminent start of the new growing season. I am rushing to get myself into gear before it begins.

There is enough room inside the blind for a kitchen table and six chairs.


This is my new blind built into the willow thicket.



Looking north from my blind down the length of the North Pond Chain. The north and south Lightning Trees, and the butterfly tower are visible in this image. The Living Otter Holt is out of sight close to the furthest of the two 3-pronged silver birch trees.



A view west from my blind across the southern and shallow end of the North Pond Chain. The heronry is immediately behind the tall trees in the centre of the image. The River Stour is flowing from right to left immediately behind the long dry grass on the far side of the pond.



A section of woven blind wall.


The temporary seat I have constructed in the willow alcove inside the blind.


The southern Lightning Tree.


Me wearing the latest blinding attire, or so I have been led to believe.


Me wearing my scary look. I am not deliberately trying to hide my face from you blog followers. The camouflage is purely an attempt to avoid scaring the animals, who would not venture anywhere near if they were to see my face and my eyes in particular.

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