Nesting Buzzard Update.

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58

I took my 150 – 500 mm lens with me to Dark Wood today, and managed to get an image of the nest I have watched the buzzards repairing.

The nest is deep within the wood, and I am only able to see it from one point on the ridge path. I would not have found the nest if I hadn’t seen the buzzards dropping twigs on it. In fact, I lost sight of it for a few days, before eventually finding it again. I have now taken the precaution of pegging the point on the path from where it is visible. When at the peg, I search for the tree with a woodpecker hole high up in its trunk, and look horizontally to the left until I find the pile of twigs. The nest is only just visible to the naked eye.


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    • Not a new calling, Jane. I have been whispering to buzzards for many years. I also talk to large stones. 😉

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