Heron in the grass.

Sunrise: 06.42    Sunset: 05.58

I used my new North Pond blind for the first time today, just to get a feel for it. 

The blind has decent all around views, but the best look west across the south end of the North Pond Chain, towards the heronry, and north and south along the ponds.

There was a lot of activity at the heronry today: much squawking, shrieking, flying about and landing on the ground. Unfortunately, the heronry is on the island, some 50 metres beyond the pond and over the river. There are many trees on  the island that block my view of the goings on over there. I see the herons flying about and landing on their arial nests and the ground, but getting a decent photo is not easy from the blind. However, a heron flew over and landed on the far bank of the pond, right in front of me.  If I hadn’t seen the heron land, I would not have spotted it in amongst the dry reeds and grasses; its camouflage is just right for the area around the ponds at this time of year.

It’s pointless my going onto the island to photograph the heron when the trees are not in leaf, they will see me and fly away. 


3 Comments on “Heron in the grass.

    • And the heron doesn’t even have to try hard to hide itself. It isn’t always easy to see them when they are on the nest.


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