What’s going on here, then? ( 4 images)

Sunrise: 07.33 Sunset: 05.11

What would you think is going on here, if you were walking along a deer run and you came across this setup?





Taken lying in the shooting hide.


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    • These are shooting hides; maybe they are used for shooting deer, or they might be used by teenagers with Airsoft replica weapons in pretend war games. I suspect the latter. I’m just a little concerned about the position of the corrugated iron.

  1. I used to know a photographer who would construct a hide that looked very much like the wooden structures on the ground. He would then lie behind it to photograph Boar. He would use local materials, those things look ridiculously cumbersome to carry into the wood. I would guess the wooden structures are intended to be a hide but they don’t appear to be pointed at a particularly good spot. Is there any bait around?

  2. It all looks very makeshift, local materials? I noticed in your previous post about fox lie up’s that there were sheets of corrugated iron in the wood. A makeshift shelter maybe. It all points to somebody with limited resources, kids maybe or a traveller. The wooden “hides” don’t really make sense, it is not the kind of kit anyone would carry around today. Maybe they are a relic once used by a gamekeeper and just collected to be part of the camp without any idea of what they were.

    • Well observed once again. The wooden structures and the heavy duty corrugated iron sheets have been in various places along the deer run for many years.

      I have just returned from a more detailed inspection of the area. The corrected sheets are placed away from the wooden structures and don’t offer any protection from the elements or from being spotted from the ridge. However, a fallen ivy covered tree does hide the wooden structures from the ridge path.

      The corrugated iron might offer protection from rain, but not to anyone lying in the ‘hide’. We have had a full moon recently and it might be protecting the area from moonlight?

      A herd of deer had passed trough the site last night and chewed the ground up .

    • Thanks very much for your comment.

      What you say is true, but things don’t always turn out to be what they might at first appear.

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