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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Sunrise: 06.58   Sunset: 05.45 I saw a couple of buzzards building a nest in Dark Wood this morning. They were dropping branches on the top of a broken standing tree trunk covered in Ivy. If the female does nest here, it is in an ideal position for filming and photographing the development of the chicks. It is the first time I have found a nest this early in the breeding season,… Read More

Sunrise: 07.04  Sunset: 05.40 The browns before the greens.  

Sunrise: 07.04  Sunset: 05.40 The Beach in the foreground, Withywood in the mid ground, and Hoo Wood to the right beyond Withywood.   

Sunrise: 07.04  Sunset: 05.40 

Sunrise: 07.02  Sunset: 05.42 

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