Quack quack quack quaaaaack!

Sunrise: 08.11 Sunset: 04.22

Roughly translated: Get out of the way, you blithering idiot!


12 Comments on “Quack quack quack quaaaaack!

  1. Superb photo!
    These beautiful birds are intelligent and pretty much mate for life.
    It’s unfortunate that my brother-in-law, as well as some nephews and their friends, are avid duck hunters.

    • Thanks. You have mentioned your brother-in-law’s hunting hobby a few times, Thomas. We have killed game since the year dot, and all the meat we eat has first to be killed. I daresay that all your brother-in-law’s kills are eaten, which is good. Eat more ducks, and kill fewer cattle. 😉

    • To maintain my meat eating ligestyle,Thomas, I must continue to condone killing of animals lower in the food chain than me. I also like wslnuts and broccoli, and practically all other foodstuffs. However, I am not keen on brains and rice pudding

  2. Though I’m a vegetarian, I’m not as against eating meat as one might think. (I even take Krill tablets for the DHA, which many vegetarians are critically lacking.) However, I am very fond of wild ducks and geese and do not feel that it is right to shoot them, largely due to their extreme intelligence and close-knit family structures. Most humans on this planet are vegetarian, and are doing well… and it is tremendously more easy on the environment as a whole… (but enough of that). I don’t like rice pudding either (or any rice for that matter); rice is full of arsenic (from the oil spills) here in the USA. 😉

    • Thank you, Cara. Herons I disturb rarely make a noise; they nearly always see me before I get anywhere near them.

    • He was coming in fast, Inga. I don’t know why, but mallards do approach North Pond very quickly and hit the water with a thump.

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