The Mystery of the Migrating Footballs.

Sunrise: 08.17 Sunset: 04.13

A view of the southern end of the north pasture, alongside the withy wood.

The second image shows a ripped apart football I found here this afternoon. I don’t know if the cattle have fought over it, or whether the foxes are the culprits, or both.

I find footballs all over the marsh, but have no idea how they get there. Obviously, the balls float down the river and get stuck in our last rubbish raft – I don’t know how the balls migrate inland from there. I am thinking the cattle are moving them around.

There are large and small teeth marks in the leather ball casing. This is just one of the marsh’s many mysteries.




6 Comments on “The Mystery of the Migrating Footballs.

    • I’ve not come across Druids on the marsh yet, Thomas. Maybe it’s the cattle and the foxes playing tricks on me.

    • Is that the story about the marsh childen being trampled to death by the marsh cattle as they tried to retrieve their football from the jaws of the marsh foxes?

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