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Sunrise: 07.54 Sunset: 04.49 When on the marsh, I am inevitably drawn to the North Pond chain – fed by natural springs rising in the swamp, it’s an important and vibrant resource and home to varied plant and animal wildlife: some of it rare. The spring water volume isn’t great, but what there is flows slowly through the center of the swamp and North Pond, close to the surface, without mixing with the… Read More

Sunrise: 07.56 Sunset: o4.45 One thing I really enjoy is a good fire; a roaring, hungry fire, fanned by a steady breeze that keeps the fire-person and the fire-feeder very busy for the day. We had such a fire on Sunday, with the brash pile I have tried four times to set alight over the last month. I selected a neglected multi-stemmed willow growing in a pool of water as my first… Read More

Sunrise: 07.56 Sunset: o4.45

Sunrise: 07.56 Sunset: o4.45

Sunrise: 07.58 Sunset: o4.43 Is it any wonder that I have trouble spotting fishermen on the island?

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