End of the line.

Sunrise: 08.17 Sunset: 03.58

This rusted steel structure straddling the swamp is the remains of a pipeline that carried dirt laden sugar beet washing water from a now defunct sugar factory, to large settling ponds in the lagoon field.  The large brown lagoon and half of the adjoining green lagoon in this 1999 aerial photograph, is now the flooded withy wood and full of tightly packed willow, birch and alder trees, some of which are 10 metres tall. The rest of the lagoon field is mostly mire and home to a variety of fauna including water rail, snipe, woodcock, red shank, a variety of ducks and muntjac deer; badgers and foxes also roam this area.

Kidderminster’s sugar factory opened in 1925 and closed in 2002. The site is now being redeveloped into a combined residential and industrial estate.


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    • Thanks, Tom. A lot of work has gone on over the last two years. From here on, maintenance will be with bows saws, lond handled loppers, and cattle. Merry Christmas to you, your family and friends.

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