Hoo Brook Pasture.

Sunrise: 08.05  Sunset: 03.56

This was an area of thick, almost impenetrable, wood at the far northern end of the Reserve, where I photographed the fox cubs back in 2012.

Hoo Brook flows to the River Stour along the left hand side of the image.

Rare breed cattle will soon graze this area, once the brash has been removed/burnt.

This will be the Hoo Brook Pasture, connecting with another recently cleared pasture along the River Stour; these new pastures are made accessible via the new northern corridor.

Very soon, we will be able the graze every part of the Reserve, which is hugely beneficial to the health and vitality of the marsh and its fauna and flora.


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    • Thanks, Raewyn. We have removed a lot of the wooded areas on a 20 year maintenance cycle. The plan is to revert the Reserve to marsh and meadows. However, everything grows very quickly on the marsh.

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