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Sunrise: 08.20 Sunset: 04.05

Sunrise: 08.20 Sunset: 04.05

Sunrise: 08.20 Sunset: 04.05 There were dozens of Great Spotted Woodpeckers perched in this tree late yesterday afternoon. I only manage to see this event once a year. They took me by surprise again. As I approached the tree, all the woodpecker flew away.

Sunrise: 08.17 Sunset: 04.00 Whilst the tramp eats his fish-on-a-stick dinner, my head torch provides the light to build a basic low seat from the moss-covered bricks that are liberally scattered around. He sits on a large circular tin can, the type with a lever actuated ‘U’ section annular clamp sealing a beaded rim lid to a mating beaded rim around the top of the can body. Our previous meeting established that he uses… Read More

Sunrise: 08.17 Sunset: 04.00 “I’ve met you here before,” I said – trying to keep my voice upbeat and friendly. “I remember a night a few years ago, and a Welshman,” he muttered without enthusiasm. “Are you going to ask me to leave?” “Not right now,” I said, “but I have wondered about you.” He looked up quizzically, “Really! What is it about me that interests you?” “Well, for one thing, how do… Read More

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