When pigs fly!

Sunrise: 07.42 Sunset: 04.07

You know the saying: “I will give you permission to marry my daughter when you bring home a flying pig”? Well, I prefer the phrase: “When I am able to pick a fresh green alkanet flower in late November.” Plainly, it is no longer safe to use this expression – not having taken this photograph earlier today. The world is spinning out of control. The way the weather is at the moment, we might be sunbathing in Kidderminster after our Christmas lunch.


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  1. It’s been unusually ice-cold here in Illinois. Our river in the backyard is already 1/3 frozen over. Everything is dead or hibernating. I’ll have to resort to photos taken earlier in the year a lot, (for a large part) from now on. The winds have been increasingly violent, day after day. I fly sport kites… and the winds this summer were not as steady and even as in years past. Here is a good link to a great wordpress environmentalist (i.e., a sample of one of her posts): https://climatechangereports.wordpress.com/2014/11/20/climate-change-disrupts-bees-ready-for-rising-seas-and-more/

    • According to the weather forcast, the temperature in Kidderminster will be below freezing tomorrow morning.

  2. This looks very much like a plant I discussed at a presentation, Evolvulus glomeratus, which is somewhat new to me – is that the Latin name for this one you show? To see in the wild, very cool!

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